eHarmony is probably the most well-known online dating service. But as you’ll discover, eHarmony is for people looking for much more than a casual date. If this sounds like you and you’re looking for a dating service with a reputation for high standards and more selective matchmaking, this is for you…

eHarmony is the sixth most popular online relationship service. eHarmony is free to join – a subscription isn’t necessary until eHarmony recommends someone that you would like to get to know (more on this in a moment).

eHarmony Personality Test

Once you join eHarmony for free you can take eHarmony’s in-depth personality test. Matchmaking is based on the results of this test which assesses 29 facets or “dimensions” of your life and personality. Though this test is free to take it will cost you some time. It asks about 500 questions and takes up to an hour to complete. In my case, even longer!

You’ll receive your personality test results by email and can also view them at the site when you log in using your password.

Controls built into the test flag people with no real interest in forming a long term relationship. This allows eHarmony to ensure a quality membership base made up of people whose intentions are genuine.

Apparently, about one in five people who take the test are rejected and sent a polite, “We don’t think we’re right for you” email.

Creating an eHarmony profile

After taking the test, you are invited (but not obliged) to complete the “About Me” pages. These include:

* Your basic match preferences (location, ethnicity, age group, and so on) which give eHarmony a starting point for reviewing potential matches in depth.
* Interesting information about yourself. For instance, “Who has been the most influential person in your life and why,” and, “Other than your appearance what is the first thing that people notice about you.”
* Ten “must haves” (e.g., kindness) and ten “can’t stands” (e.g., racist) from very lengthy lists of personality traits.
* and much more.

Personally, I found completing the “About Me” pages quite a challenge, particularly as many parts must be “in your own words.” However, you can save and return to them later and the end result of is intriguing and insightful personal profiles.

Once you’ve taken the eHarmony personality test and completed your profile, you are “live” on the system.

eHarmony matchmaking results

Don’t expect a flood of responses. With serious relationships in mind, eHarmony aims for quality rather than quantity.

Members are advised that eHarmony’s “scientific matching model” will typically reject 99.7% of members as unlikely matches. Expect just a few potential matches a month. You’ll be alerted to new matches by email and view further details are available under “My Matches” when you log in.

If you are interested in and would like to get to know eHarmony matches you’ll need to subscribe. You and your match(es) then have two options. You can opt to go it alone – get to know each other through the service but without eHarmony’s assistance. Alternatively, you can explore the possibilities with the help of eHarmony’s Guided Communications option.

Guided communications keep you and your potential partner on the same page in terms of the quantity and quality of information you share, learning more about each other in a structured, equitable way.

Just two quibbles that may or may not matter to you. Firstly, you can’t review eHarmony profiles and select matches yourself. Secondly, eHarmony limits itself to heterosexual relationships, explaining that the research and methology underpinning their service has not examined same-sex dynamics.

That said, if this eHarmony Review has inspired you to find out more, join eHarmony for free and see what possibilities for a lasting relationship eHarmony delivers.