The site that advertises itself asd the thoroughly fun online dating community is indeed more fun than some of the other sites out there. When creating your profile it offers many chances to be original and stand out if you only take time and put some effort into creating that best profile.

If you’re not that good with words and jokes or just get that writers’ block whenever you need to fill in questionnaires – no need to worry. With handy drop down menus it’s easy to look/sound funny here in Loopylove. For example, already on the opening page you can choose ‘what you’re loopy about’ – anything from krispy kremes to singing in the rain!
The Profile

Writing your Loopylove profile is also a bit less serious than on some other sites – after all, who said online dating must be such a dead serious business? It’s great if you just want to loosen up a bit, crack a joke and flirt a little.

A great feature on Loopylove is ‘My words’ – a little window right next to your profile where you can put up to 9 words that describe you. These words are nicely brought out in a big coloured font, thus emphasising your best features and making it quick and simple to grasp your main traits of character. Like Loopylove creators say in their Loopy-losophy the aim of this site is not about trying to find you a ‘perfect match’, but to introduce you to the fun, laidback side of online dating.
Searching on loopylove.com and ‘lovebombs’

Searching is simple and quick with some of your choices already saved in a separate window. Easy enough to change it if you feel the need to. However – unlike some other dating sites it won’t show you the new users among the searched ones, so if you’ve been on the site for a while, it gets increasingly more complicated to separate new faces from the ones you’ve already seen.

Subscribers to Loopylove can also use something that they call Loopy Lovebomb – which is a flirty message that is delivered to around 100 members chosen according to your default search criteria. But you can only send one once a week, mind, so the amount of bulk mail will be kept under control.
Extras & Handy Loopy Love Features

You can add your video to your profile in addition to the photo, which is pretty cool if you don’t trust photos… after all, it’s easy enough to look gorgeous on a photo (especially with a little help of Photoshop), but if you want to make sure your date will really look like that when she/he shows up on your date, it’s good to ask for a little video preview. There’s also an instant messenger and video chat available at Loopylove
Free vs Paid site

Free site users can create their profile, search for other members and send „smiles” – that’s about it. Like most other paid member sites, it won’t let you actually contact anyone before you’ve paid for the subscription. Once that’s out of the way you can email, chat, send lovebombs, even use the Love Wall – a section on your profile where you can post your own comments as well as receive comments from others. It’s publicly displayed so visitors to your profile can also see it, plus you can see other users’ walls and leave messages there. What’s truly great is that you can get a touch of it all in a 3-day-trial for less than a fiver.