SugarDaddie caters to a very specific niche market – affluent men and beautiful women. The men, known as Sugar Daddies, are willing to use their wealth to attract arm candy. The women are Sugar Babes, willing to capitalize on their beauty to meet rich men. Apparently the site is quite successful in meeting the needs of both parties.

SugarDaddie is definitely not the dating service of choice for everyone. The concept of Sugar Daddies has a long and rich history, dating to the time when women’s options were limited and marrying rich was the only way for a woman to get ahead.

Now of course, it is equally possible for women to advance on their own merits, with no need to depend on a man to provide. Nevertheless, Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe relationships continue to flourish in the modern world. It is only natural that in today’s internet-driven climate, the concept would migrate online. These relationships work well for many people and certainly a targeted website makes the process of meeting like-minded people much easier.

It is interesting to note that the site only offers the traditional Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe relationship. In the 21st century, there is also a market for wealthy women who wish to meet attractive men. However, SugarDaddie seems firmly rooted in the past, maintaining the stereotypes of beautiful women and wealthy men.

Many Sugar Daddy relationships are strictly business-like in nature, with both parties aware that they are trading goods. SugarDaddie handles this reality delicately and tactfully, making no guarantees as to the type of relationships that may transpire. However, the site is careful not to cross lines of impropriety, stating clearly in the Terms of Service that members are not to use the service for transactions involving prostitution, fetishes, or even escort services.

While some people may find SugarDaddie distasteful, many others are in the market for just this type of relationship. If you are interested in being or finding a Sugar Daddy, you may find that the site perfectly meets your needs. As a niche site, SugarDaddie appears to be honest and forthright as well as helpful in meeting users’ needs.